Our Team

Adeline Adeleye – PA to Rev Betty King

Adeline Adeleye is a minister who comes from a background of childhood mental and emotional abuse, as a result she could not connect with the love of her heavenly Father, and struggled for years with the effect this early beginning had on her life and relationships. However our Father never lets go and through His ministration of love, grace and mercy in her life, she has been restored.

She ministers to the wounded from this point, her ministering passion is to see people healed in their body, mind and emotions (Isaiah 61:1 – 6) so they can be free to excel as our heavenly Father intends (Jeremiah 29:11). She is a member of BKIM intercessory prayer group and serves as Personal Assistant to Rev Betty King, the Administrator, Events organiser and Head of the International Youth Outreach. She has a BA (Hons) English Language and is a writer whose writings emphasise the love and mercy of God. To book Adeline to minister or to contact her please e-mail: adeline_bkim@btconnect.com.

Fresia Campbell – Head of Pastoral Care
Fresia Campbell has been in ministry for 17 years and believes she has been called to deliver messages aimed to heal the broken-hearted and set the captives free. Out of her own brokenness the Lord has and continues to restore her. “I was one that was unable to control my thoughts, my emotions and my actions. I allowed what I saw and what I heard to influence what I thought about myself. I was one that had many clutches. But slowly the Lord Jesus Christ has taken them one by one”.

She is an encourager who desires to see God’s children walk in their purpose and calling. More that just a calling this is her passion and she has delivered such messages around the UK and Internationally. Fresia is a member of BKIM, a part of the intercessor and pastoral team and serves as a Trustee of BKIM. Fresia who is passionate about property development is married with two grown up children. To book Fresia to minister or to contact her please e-mail: fresia_bkim@btconnect.com.

Tony Horswood – Head Of Finance

Tony Horswood was saved in 1969 in Sutton Christian Centre where a number of drug addicts were saved. Although not a drug addict he felt that if God could take them straight of heroin and save them then He could do something for Him. Over the years he was mentored by Phillip Mohabir ant that led to Tony going overseas on missions, he has now ministered in dozen countries and taught on leadership in many places.

A strong believer in the Ephesian 4 ministries he also sees that team ministry the way Jesus modelled it as the way forward. He is still at Sutton Christian Centere where for a good many years he has been an elder. Tony is a member of BKIM intercessory team and serves as a Trustee of Bathshan Foundation. Tony is married to Wendy, they have two children and four grandchildren. To book Tony to minister or to contact him please e-mail: toff@mail.com.

Pearl Moses – Head of Intercessory Team
Pearl Moses is a worshipper with a passion for intimacy with the Lord born out of her personal testimonies of His great compassion including deliverance from spirits of fear and both emotional and physical healing. Pearl’s ministry experience encompasses intercessory prayer, discipleship (where she has spent several years ministering to youth and women) and creative writing. As a minister her heart’s cry is to see abused and broken people made whole, restored to the image of Christ and fulfilling God’s calling on their lives.

Pearl is a member of the BKIM team, serving as Head of the Intercessory Team and as a Trustee of BKIM. Pearl who is married to Ola a Christian business man is a seasoned legal professional with experience in private practice, legal publishing and dispute resolution.She currently manages the Law Society of England and Wales’ Risk and Compliance Service. To book Pearl to minister or to contact her please e-mail: pearl_bkim@btconnect.com.

Sandra Wilson – Head of Counselling
Sandra Wilson MBACP is a qualified Counsellor with BACP accreditation. She is a Counselling Service Manager, Clinical Supervisor and a Lecturer of Psychology and Psychosocial studies at Universities in London . Her heart’s cry is to see God’s people restored and healed from all forms of psychological distress. She believes that God is just as concerned with our psychological well being as He is with any other area of our life as demonstrated in Mark chapter 5 and verses 1 to 15: Where the man’s mental health was restored to a state of peace which enabled him to pursue God’s desired plan and purpose for his life.

Moreover, throughout the bible Godly counsel is sort to help direct us the way we should go in times of distress and uncertainty as in Proverbs 11:14 where no wise guidance is, the people fall, but in the multitude of counsellors there is safety: Proverbs 24:6, For by wise counsel you can wage your war, and in an abundance of counsellors there is victory and safety. Her ministry is filled with a passion to see His people fulfil their God-given potential through ministration, counsel, prayer and the Word which brings life. Sandra is married and serves as Head of Counselling. To book Sandra to minister or to contact her please e-mail her at toff@mail.com

Elvis Chambers – Worship leader
Elvis Chambers is a singer, songwriter, musician who grew up in a non musical family where pursuing music wasn’t considered an option. The weariness of guilt and shame arising from a promiscuous lifestyle combined with disillusionment with the music world led to him committing himself to God. Eventually he was asked to lead worship, an area of music he knew nothing about and God confirmed Worship Leading as ‘part’ of his calling. Elvis has lead worship at different churches and conferences. He has sang in many varied settings from Anglican to Catholic to Pentecostal and in different racial settings like Ghanaian and Eritrean.

Described as ‘A powerful and charismatic vocalist’, and ‘a passionate and dynamic performer’, he has released several CD’s both as a solo artist and as a member of a band. His material draws from the huge variety of music that has influenced him; from punk to reggae to soul, his style has been described as Soul/Rock. He wants to use worship and music in general to communicate the authority that we have been given, God’s love, acceptance and our freedom from condemnation. He loves to indulge in different styles of worship and loves the idea of learning worship songs in different languages. Elvis and his wife Barbara are members of BKIM team where they serve in intercessory and worship leading roles. To book or contact Elvis please e-mail: toff@mail.com.

Emmanuel Omale – Worship leader
Emmanuel Omale is a worship leader who after years of walking in sin was born again in 1997. He believes God is restoring the tabernacle of David in His Church ushering in true worship. He has a ministry called Fragrance which conducts praise and worship singing sessions, lifting up the name of Jesus Christ in the streets and parks of London . Jesus Christ said if He be lifted up from the earth, He will draw men to himself and Fragrance has seen many people being born again during these meetings.

Emmanuel is a member of BKIM team serving in administrative,intercessory and worship leading roles. Emmanuel and his wife Nimi, run an event management company (Neo Events). To book or contact Emmanuel please email: toff@mail.com.